F21 silk blouse, vintage vest, Express legging, Nine West motorcycle boots

F21 egg yolk ring, Banana Republic multi-strand necklace, BF's Omega Seamaster watch

Pepper's all O RLY?

I bought the ring solely b/c it looked like an egg yolk.  Delicious!

They say the appearance of your hands reveals your true age.  I guess that makes me 85.

Why are the colors in my pictures weird?  They did not look like that before I uploaded them. =(

5 comments :: O RLY?

  1. You made me laugh about your comments on your hands, yesterday my best friend was commenting on mine if it was dry and I sad my hands have always been like very thin and you can seel all the veins. By the way I love your blog and your outfit.

  2. lol.
    you're definitely not 85. o_0

    but they do say hands and neck reveal age.

  3. you look like a mannequin in these pics!

  4. pics look really cool; airbrushed almost. love the look. and did you get a haircut?

  5. adore this outfit and your very chic decor in your house!

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