Tauba Auerbach

I discovered Tauba Auerbach last year while looking at a magazine spread of some famous person's house and noticed a framed print they had in their home.  I was immediately drawn.



A calligraphy print of a single letter, but so intricately delicate.  I fell in love.  Well, truth be told, I fell in love because I thought it would make a great tattoo for me to get on my ribcage.  RIGHT?

Upon further research, I learned that the artist is a young woman (27!) originally from San Francisco, who worked as a sign painter before turning to creating prints original pieces* comprised largely of letters and symbols.

*ETA:  I've been enlightened as to the fact that these "prints" are actually drawn by hand (usually ink or acrylic on paper), so each piece is actually an original.  I CANNOT BELIEVE!

Thank you to The Avert farm for bringing this to my attention!

"Yes No Morph I"

"Static II"

I was flipping through this month's Vogue last week and lo and behold - she's featured in it!  Apparently, she's supposed to be working with Commes des Garcon in creating a line of tshirts.  So cool.

Also, notice the necklace she's wearing above.  Her own design.  I love this woman.

If you're in San Francisco in February, she's supposed to have an exhibit at the SFMOMA.

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  1. i completely agree with you. tauba auerbach is wonderful. i think you, and your reader, ought to know that the work you've shown are not prints. they're original paintings. she's that good. and it makes her work that much more special, as they are one of a kind works. amazing.

  2. ahh LOVE the first photo :)

  3. haha I love this! Btw, I want the graph paper one too! Think I am going to get it ;)

  4. wow. i can't imagine hand painting calligraphy. i agree it would be a striking tattoo.

  5. oooh, good to know about the SF exhibit. i was thinking of going up there next month, too.

    and are u kidding me about the drop crotch pants on you?? you would look amazing in them! i'm convinced you look great in anything and everything.

  6. cOOL!
    K OOL
    KU EWL

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