The Outfit that Never Was

Her:  UO blouse, F21 skirt, Wolford hosiery, Banana Republic faux fur cape, F21 cuff
Him:  F21 cardigan and skinny tie, Zara dress shirt

So as I was taking these photos, the hinge on my bracelet snagged on my beloved tights and ripped a hole.  The camera actually went off as I realized what I had done and you can see the sadness in my eyes (or a suggested retail value of $52 going down the drain).  I am not posting it b/c sadness in my eyes = ugly.

So I went upstairs to change.  I intended on just changing my tights, but I didn't have anything as sheer and I didn't feel like wearing opaque ones.  So of course, I ended up changing my entire outfit.  You know how it goes.

Well, I kept the fur.  Because fur capes really do go with everything.

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  1. fur capes SO go with everything. i kind of want to steal that one from you!! your hubby is making the funniest expression, did he know what happened to your tights?! what did u wear after?!?!

  2. The outfit looks amazing regardless of the loss of tights.

  3. god so effin chic.

    love you.

  4. srsly fantastic! where were you guys going?!

  5. your fur cape is fabulous! i have a vintage one just like it but it's tan and i love it. but i've been wanting to get a black one. and i'm so sorry about your tights. wolford...yikes. :(

  6. 52 dollars for tights would make my eyes sad too. maybe you can rip it more for some grunge look? i dunno. such a waste.

  7. so sorry about the tights! i've become obsessed with wolford, so i really do feel for you. you looked great though. you both are an adorable couple.

  8. you are a tiny little thing! love the outfit. And yes, have done that with tights before and it is so frustrating!

  9. u guys look like models

  10. its a shame about the mishap.
    but i have to say, this picture is so dangerous for me, because i am completely lusting after your fur coat. black fur, black suede, black lace...i love it all.

  11. WOWWOWWOW! i LOVE everything about this outfit, from head to toe! perfection :) you look absolutely stunning!

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