H&M dress, Splendid long cardigan, Nine West bow tie pumps

AA tee, Paper Denim Cloth corduroys, Rainbow sandals

We discovered this morning that we matched the dogs, so we took pics.

Yes, another drapey cardigan.  But this one was such a steal.  Regularly $140, on sale for $39.  It's a wool/rayon blend so the heavy material lends to better drape-age.  Plus, I like how it's the same length all around.

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  1. I know this should be about your outfit, but I'm in love with your house!

  2. in love with your adorable shoes!

  3. i agree with JGeb love your house :P me and the hubby have actually been considering moving back into the city.. guess we'll see how the housing market goes..

  4. Why so emo in all your pics?

  5. aww love what you're wearing and i love YOUR blog :)

  6. i love the long cardi and bow shoes. i am still searching for my long cardi . . .

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