Just when I thought there was no other way to stud a purse, Alexander Wang studs the bottom.  With millions of studs.  All in rows.  And nowhere else.

Alexander Wang Fall 09
Available for $825 at Barney's, this summer.

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  1. omg u and ur studs! haha.

  2. yah that bag is phenomenal.

  3. That bag is so out-of-control rockin'! Looks like a DIY project waiting to happen.

  4. michelle - lol i hope this trend never dies. i've always like metal hardware on stuff, especially purses!

    candid - i think i've actually convinced myself that $825 is reasonable. =|

    jgeb - totally DIY-able. i'm surprised it hasn't been done before!

  5. i think a drooled when I saw this bag earlier somewhere else. so awesome.

  6. there is going to be such a frenzy for that bag!

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