Round Shades

Paul Smith sunglasses, H&M felt hat

I saw these Paul Smith sunglasses and had to have them.  ROUND GLASSES.

My first pair of [normal] glasses back in 2nd grade were round red wire frame glasses.  So cute, right?  More like so awkward.

From  I like mine since it's an alternative to the regular plastic frames.

Added the hat for extra drama.

9 comments :: Round Shades

  1. They look great on you!!!

  2. it looks great on you! i steer clear from round sunnies because i already have cherubic face.
    take care! =)

  3. Great picture, you look so pretty!

  4. this look is so fab!

  5. you are channeling whowhatwear a lot! i just got some circular sunnies from h&m :)

  6. these shades are fabulous on you! i need to really get on this trend :)

  7. you look so hot in your shades and ur hat.

  8. therapist - thanks! my only complaint is that they're a little wide so my hair gets stuck on the hinges and makes weird antenna/whisker looking things. =|

    devour - i have a roundish face too; slightly more roundish on fat days. i will still wear them anyways. =)

    legally - i know. what can i say, i love that site!

  9. The first photo is perfect because I love that style that woman has, because she's like an Asian woman but she also has tanned skin and it could be kill me.

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