Flashing Lights

Bebe silk tank, AA bra and shorts, UO horse head bracelet, F21 studded bracelet, Erica Anenberg ring, Fiance's Omega Seamaster watch

Dru!!! of WeWearThings recently got a ringflash for his camera so he's been taking "glamorous" photos all this past week. This series of photos started at the pre-party and continued at the after-party. Hahah so much ridiculousness.  

Trust that there is a perfectly good reason for everything happening in each photo.  For example, I'm making Pepper be a DJ in the last photo. ERR EE ERR EE.

Thanks to my Mexico-Tan, my foundation no longer matches the rest of my body.  =(

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  2. Aw what great photos!! I'm so in love with your hair right now! Great outfit! Ugh, I hate it when my foundation doesn't match my body because of my tan...luckily I keep a darker foundation just in case (I usually mix it with a lighter one to get the perfect tone). For some reason the back of my shoulders are like 5x darker than my face, gross.

  3. your silk tank is so beautiful! elegantly sexy..=) oh, and I love your eye makeup too!



  5. Love the outfit. Also love the necklace - where's it from?

  6. ur eye makeup & HAIR looks amazing there. so jealous :)
    mexico sun is no joke, i still have freckles from my vacation there like 6 six years ago hAHA.

  7. Your hair is stunning! It's so silky and shiny, it makes me miss my long hair. I love your whole outfit. From the silk tank to the bracelets. Seriously amazing.

  8. your makeup looks amazing
    please do teach
    and why don't you fill in your lips on with the red lipstick?
    regardless, you look great
    and you don't need foundation!!

  9. Your eyes make-up is beautiful and your dog is so cute :)

  10. Tooo Funny! You still look great though so it's ok!

  11. the red lips looks great on you!

  12. Anonymous 1: it was a plain chain necklace i found on clearance at Dillards. i just knotted it at the end!

    Anonymous 2: thanks! =) i think the flash makes my makeup look better than it really does. i'm not sure why my lipstick is not covering my entire lip haha! i'll make a point to make sure it does next time.

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