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C&C California dress, Chinese Laundry sandals, F21 belt, necklace, and cuff

Hrm.  These pictures did not turn out how I pictured in my head.  Details of the outfit are kind of lost...but at least you get to see a new part of the house?  Photos are of us, my family, the dogs, San Francisco/San Jose, and a trip to Europe.

Today we went with our planner to look at a couple potential venues for the wedding reception.  OMG SO MUCH MONIES.  Our first choice is sadly out of our price range.  $15k JUST TO BOOK IT.  NOT including food/liquor.  How insane is that?

However, our 2nd choice is not too shabby.  There are floor to ceiling windows all around with a super view of downtown Houston.  We'll probably put down the deposit on Monday.  EXCIIIITING!

I forget which wedding blog I read this off of, but I found it to be a pretty good tip so I'll pass it along.  Open a rewards-earning credit card for your wedding expenses.  You figure you're going to be spending how many thousands (or tens of thousands) on the wedding.  Might as well be racking up some points!  Plus, it helps to keep all your expenses in one place so you can better track your budget.  AMEX, Chase Continental Mastercard, Southwest Rewards Visa are a couple.  We might be able to get a honeymoon ticket out of it!

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  1. beautiful dress... im sure your wedding will be perfect

  2. Lovely photos!
    Weddings are expensive but it's always leave such wonderful memories.

    Good luck and Im sure you're having fun planning.

  3. so tan. haha

  4. That wedding rewards idea sounds great. I might have to use that for our wedding next summer. And great outfit!


  5. do you ever get tired of hearing, er, reading about how wonderful you are? Ah well, we can't help it.

    besides everything else, you can decorate too?!

  6. Outfit? What outfit? :) That pic of the building looks like a hotel in Nice.

  7. the first venue sounds like a place that i reeeeeeeeally wanted to have my wedding, but was way out of my budget. it was the corinthian in downtown. i think the rental fee alone was 10k. have you seen it? it is AMAZING.

  8. cute dress.
    we just signed our contract this week and i feel like i could never ever shop again. and our venue does not take credit card!

  9. what were ur choices? my first choice was the houstonian. everything non kim son was out of my budget b/c we had 600 guests!!! jeebus.

  10. love the dress!
    and the red lips ;)


  11. Weddings are ridiculously expensive. Its sounds like your second choice was my first choice, but unfortunately was booked on our date. Good luck!

  12. Weddings can get really pricey. That's why the hubby and I just had a quicky wedding first, b4 the BIG one. I can't wait to see your pictures from that! I love the wall of photos!

  13. I love how the pictures are hung on the wall. In that uneven collage-like way.

    I just visited San Francisco and San Jose. Such an interesting place.

  14. Love the dress so classic!! that train picture is so beautiful!


  15. CONGRATS on your engagement! I've been following your blog for a few months because I love your style! Hopefully you have time to come by and check out my new blog!

  16. Great outfit! Love the shoes ;)

  17. I love LOVE your place.
    * * *

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