I've Got Yo Numba

Had to majorly up the contrast here because turns out black tulle is see-through with backlighting.

hook/eye detail

Him: Theory suit, Hugo Boss shoes, Burberry tie clip
Her: D&G Dolce & Gabbana dress, YSL tribute pumps, Banana Republic jewelry

What we wore to Fiance's cousin's wedding reception. We clean up real nice, eh?

So my shoes. MY SHOES. I had been contemplating these shoes for months. You probably wouldn't know from my postings, but I'm more of a purse gal than a shoe gal. Drop a G on a purse? HERE IS MY SAKS CARD AND MAKE IT SNAPPY. Spend more than $150 on a pair of shoes? GAHH....

So I'm in the YSL store for the 3rd time in a month and I have the Tributes on my feet (again). Then I hear Passion Pit's I've Got Your Number begin to play over the speakers.


I only knew like 2 other people who knew who Passion Pit were and YSL is playing my current favorite song of theirs? By god, the song told me to buy the shoes.

By the by, Passion Pit is performing live in Austin and Houston this weekend. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss them. Fortunately, it's because I will be in Mexico in a giant floppy hat sipping micheladas by the beach. Updates will resume Monday!

Passion Pit - I've Got Your Number
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

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  1. Those are some hot shoes!! Well worth it.


  2. fierce shoes n dress!

  3. I can't justify spending that much on shoes, but a purse I can. Where are you going in Mexico? We will be in Playa del Carmen tomorrow.

  4. that dress looks amazing on you! so flattering! and the shoes speak for themselves! i'm totally a shoe girl myself. i only have 3 handbags and that's all i need!

    have fun in mexico!

  5. you are kill'n em with that dress



  6. Fantastic dress. Makes me want to run out and buy it. Transparency issues drive me ABSOLUTELY crazy though.

  7. you are gorgeous!

    i am in love with your dress and shoes! Thanks for the song downloads! I love finding new songs.

  8. What nail polish are you wearing?

  9. definitely worth it for the shoes...theyre awesome!!

  10. That dress is totally bangin on you! Amazing...Fiance better tell you how adore you are regularly!!!!

    I love that you guys did a wardrobe change for the ceremony and reception (or were those different cousins), they are usually so close together....did you have lots of time in between? SOOO FUN!

  11. FANCY SHOES look so good... and i like the dress..

    so very trendy HOTNESS..

  12. wow, you look great! your fiance must be tall - im jealous that you can wear those heals and still shorter than your guy!

  13. omg, i made the mistake of walking into saks yesterday... HUGE shoe sale going on! i had to get out of there before i did anything i would regret. but i did get a peek at some of the shoes and they had patent neon yellow louboutin peep-toe pumps on sale. probably not the height you want since they don't have platforms but in case you can't find the hyper prives...

  14. amazing dress and wow those shoes!!

  15. I love the drees, it's gorgeous!!


  16. you look amazing!

  17. GAH!! I was thisclose to buying those at the YSL sale but then got the Dior's I posted about today. I can't get away with wearing those YSL's at work but dude I LOVE THEM. they look fabulous on you.

  18. Anonymous - The nail polish is Essie and the color is "Wicked."

  19. Hot shoes!

    Are the YSL's true to its size or should I go a size up?

  20. Oh my gosh, the pumps are amazing. I wouldn't have even though twice. You look great in them!!

  21. Love the dress! It looks amazing on you! :)

  22. i just realized i had the passion pit ep on my computer since march. i should remember band names better.

  23. I never ever get sick of seeing that killer YSL shoe!
    Totally worth it, right??
    You guys look so good!!

  24. thanx for the downloads. never heard of passion pit, will check them out. i really need new music.

  25. Thanks for the comment! I just bought the dark brown/black croc embossed pump but still debating if I should still get the black patent (it wasn't at the store).

    I'm trying to convince myself that one is just enough but I don't wait to regret it if I don't ever see them again next season. What to do! What to do!

  26. OMG LUCKY BIATCH. SOO SO SOSO JEALOUS OF YOUR YSLS!!!!!!!! I WANTTTTTTT!!!! SIGH... YSL tribs for me though ;) You look hot in them. And you and your future hubs are so adorable I could die :)

  27. You are effortless looking gorgeous !!! I love your shoes too...it is so amazing..and I lurve your dress! you made me so want to buy that pair of YSL

  28. hi!! first time on your blog and I love it. Great dress and super duper sexy shoes
    I've linked u!


  29. Love the dress! You two definitely clean up nice! Your shoes are amazing btw.

  30. those shoes are FIERCE!

  31. you guys look chic! love it.

  32. You look stunning here!! Jasna xx

  33. hahaha YSL playing your fave song MUST have been a sign. i'm glad you bought the shoes, they are extremely hot.

    congratulations on the engagement.

    and yes, you both scrub up reallll well ;P


  34. gah!!!the dress!the shoes!!pure perfection!!

  35. i love i've got your number! good recommendation.

  36. Oh MY I just love Passion Pit.

    YSL + Passion Pit= CHIC


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