Cozumel, MX

We are back from sunny Mexico!  

The beaches were beautiful, the people were nice, the food was great, and the drinks didn't stop pouring.  It just makes this Monday morning all the more depressing.

The majority of the vacation consisted of swimsuits and cut-off shorts, but I did manage to get one outfit shot in of my new favorite swimsuit cover-up.

Cover-up, hat, glasses, bikini (underneath) all F21

Light, short, slightly sheer, loose yet fitted.  Everything I could want in something to throw over a bikini and still look cute.

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  1. love the cover up! although you don't need one with a bod like that! pretty pictures. i need a vacation asap!

  2. looks like a CORONA ad



  3. WOW! Love the place, I wish I am there now.
    F21 all the way-lol

  4. Cute tunic/dress! Very beachy!

  5. ohmyohmy the pictures are beautiful!

    love love love the tunic!


  6. gorgeous, both u and beach :)
    your pix make me miss vacation sooooo much.
    so far there has only been one day warm/sunny enough in nyc for me to wear a floppy hat, i may need an emergency holiday haha.

  7. You look great !! very nice pictures ! How i wish i could go there too!LOL!

  8. the coverup is perfect.
    I am so jealous of your beach time. gorgeous photos.

  9. How fabulous was your vacation? The pictures look great. Love the cover-up and hat - very tropical indeed. I'll have to buy something more feminine for my swimwear cover-ups, I usually just go in work-out shorts and a tank. Haha.

  10. love the floppy hat! i wish i could look this classy while bumming around SE asia, but it's doubtful... i haven't really seen 'stylish' backpackers b4 :)

  11. look at those abs-- you go girl!

  12. I'm so glad I found you on Chictopia!!

  13. omg i'm so glad u went to cozumel cus i'll be there in 2 1/2 weeks! i'm so excited!

  14. love the vay kay look!

  15. Great pic of the hut - did you an ultra wide angle?

  16. Great photos. What camera do you have? I'm thinking about getting a DSLR.

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