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Nicole Miller dress, BCBG shoes, Cole Haan patent clutch, Banana Republic jewelry

New background!  Our house is in a gated complex w/ 5 other houses.  I hurriedly took these photos before any neighbors ran me over with their cars or looked out their windows and wondered why I was taking photos of myself with a tripod in the middle of the driveway.  Getting caught taking photos of yourself is so weird.  Even if it's your fiance.  I make him leave the room haha.

Fiance's cousin got married this past Saturday and this is what I wore to the church ceremony.  This is also the exact outfit I wore to my sister's graduation ceremony the week before but I didn't take any pictures so it's like it never happened.

The wedding was beautiful!  The bride wore a Monique Lhuillier lace gown w/ a lace edged veil.  So pretty!  She had 4 more dress changes throughout the night (including one clubbing dress!) and they were all gorgeous.  I love costume changes.

AAAAND thank you to Hanh of Life in Travel and Steph from That Girl is Hoisin for the award!  I don't think Hanh needs any introductions; I'm sure you've all seen her fabulous travels and SHOES!  Steph's blog is pretty new, but she has GREAT makeup posts which always make me ask myself why I suck at doing my own eyemakeup so much.  

Thanks, gals!

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  1. Pretty spring dress, and you had the wavy hair look I like! =)


  2. LOVE your dress! The bow is so cute.

    And I know exactly what you mean about getting caught taking pictures, haha. Once the UPS guy almost caught me, heh. Embarrassing!

  3. whateverr i suck at eye makeup. you're gonna have to give me a step by step tutorial one day haha

  4. gorgeous as always!

    hehe, I don't care about taking pictures of myself. I do it all the time. I live in a neighborhood with a ton of people out walking their dogs so they always see me taking pictures of myself or my shoes. That's funny you tell your fiance to leave. My husband takes all my pictures!

  5. i agree. getting caught with a tripod is so weird and embarrassing for me. i don´t know how the others do it. love the dress. cant wait to see your wedding dress.

  6. i love your dress! it's killer (i'm practically drooling over it ^o^).
    You look very pretty..


  7. Nice dress and shoes! :)

  8. hahaha, such a funny post because it's so relatable! that's why my background is always that ugly gray color because i'm too embarrassed to lug the tripod down to the first floor and take pictures outside! i just open my front door and snap away, but anytime i hear someone coming upstairs or a neighbor opening their door, i run inside!

    congrats on changing up your scenery! it's definitely a big step in the blogger world =P one of these days i'll build up enough courage to take pictures out in the sun...

    btw, what a perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding! have you decided on your wedding dress?

  9. beautiful dress and clutch

  10. The dress is fabulous! How funny, I was just talking about taking pictures in public on my last post.

  11. oooh i like that dress...
    i make sure nobody is walking around the lake before i take any backyard photos too.... but on vacation the hubby likes 'candid shots' but so many ppl looking and he's slow to shoot.

  12. You look so gorgeous! I love the summer dress on you!

    So I always assumed that your fiance took all of your photos (I was so jealous since Ryan never took mine!). It IS embarrassing to have him walk in or have someone catch you taking pictures of yourself! I'm so worried one day one of my roommates will catch me. lol. Well, you've at least inspired me to try a different setting, if people catch me, oh well!

  13. pretty dress! glad you got some wear out of it. my fancy dresses are gathering dust in the closet.

  14. such a pretty dress!!

  15. You look gorgeous! LOVE your shoes! Haha, I get flustered taking my pics in my driveway too, including when hubby sees me, if someone walks past I quickly grab the camera pretending to be taking a pic of something else :)

    Congrats on the awards, you totally deserve them!

  16. Gorgeous dress... you look stunning! It's not always easy to find the perfect outfit for a wedding, but you did a terrific job!

  17. I think your eye make up is nice.. has the smokey sexy look... and your dress is oooh so lovely! its so spring and summery... sexy without revealing too much! love love love it!

  18. the dress is so summery and cute!

  19. seriously in love with this dress!!!

  20. i love how the spring dress brightens the mood! it is such a girly and playful dress! Your fashion sense is absolutely DROP DEAD...AMAZING!! You are like a fashion icon!!
    <3 Ava Rose

  21. OMG! I tried that dress on awhile ago! Craziness...

    You look adorable, so spring-ey!

  22. so funny! PLEASE you should see Brandon & I outside our office....hurry, hurry get back inside before anyone sees us!!! But I think you have us beat with the tripod!
    You look FABULOUS!!

  23. you look beyond amazing

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