Wedding Hair; Il Divo

Since several of my friends have gotten married as of late, I've been hearing a lot about the anxiety that comes along with trying out hairstyles and makeup for The Big Day.

I've never been a big fan of up-dos. Maybe because I've never seen a good up-do in real life? Or probably because I have a large head that is round. SRSLY, having all my hair up does me no favors.

But I've been seeing this trend of loosely coiled side-buns lately and it looks pretty good! You can keep the side bangs and face-framing layers of a longer hairstyle, but still have it off your neck.

Pretty good!

Also, a red lip on your wedding day? LOVE IT.

In other news, I randomly went to an Il Divo concert last night. One of my girlfriends is obsessed (OBSESSED) with them and her boyfriend got tickets to their show for her. He had 2 extras so .... why not?

If you don't know, they are a Britain-based "pop opera" group comprising of 4 men in their 30's-early 40's. I had not heard any of their songs before last night. It was ... tolerable. Haha.

This was probably my 2nd most random concert I have ever gone to, the 1st being Peter Cetera of Chicago.

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  1. OMG I love your cheetah print dress!!!
    And the fourth pic of the loose bun hairstyles is the best my opinion :)

  2. I did a post on the side bun too. I'm thinking of having the same hairstyle for my wedding next year.

  3. Side messy is sort of sexy, Im just not sure how it'll look with your dress.


    When is the big day?

  4. I like Audrina's style, very pretty. I think a red lip on wedding day are so classic and lovely. Most def do makeup and hair trials until you are happy you found the look. It saves ALOT of headaches. =) Post your trials! I'd love to see!

  5. michelle williams hair ftw

  6. don't even worry about your have such pretty hair...and it is so nice and long you can do a ton of things with it. i like the michelle williams look shown personally.

  7. you look amazing with side-swept bangs, so this would work i think.

  8. i'm getting married in summer so i think i will have to put my hair up. if i had my way i would have a hair style change in between church & reception. don't know if that's logistically feasible though. in the mean time i'm growing out my bangs for the wedding ( since i have no idea which way i will be styling it ).

  9. i agree the side do is perfect! it would be super gorgeous on you. :)

  10. By "random," do you mean "AWESOME"? Because it was. More awesome than any of us could have imagined.

  11. Love the side-bun!! I rock it for summer-time, but for some reason, it never looks as...dimensional as the celebrities'. I think it'd look fabulous on you & of course wear red lips would look amazing!

  12. I love side bun. it look cute and stylish and not too serious looking!


  13. Love this style, it's so perfectly messy and you just know it took forever to get perfect lol.

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