Ringflash II

Issa: Target skirt, necklace from Tokyo, Fifi Lapin shirt from Korea, Made Jewelry bracelet
Me: Forever21 silk tunic, DIY neckace-to-harness

Issa: Express tank, handmade skirt
Dru: Original Penguin shirt

More ringflash photos of our "cheap slut" faces, courtesy of Dru!!!.  Also, I'd like to send a shout out to our anonymous hater.  HOLLA!

After our photoshoot, we came back to the house and played around with Dru's ringflash.  The photos look a lot better against a dark backdrop, i.e., Dru's bed sheet thumb-tacked onto the wall.  After these photos, we checked out a new wine bar close by and had the most amazing house-made headcheese and antelope terrine accompanied by a bottle of Italian wine.  Pretty good night!

I really like the last photo of Issa and Dru.  

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  1. I knew it was a matter of couple mins after Issa posted one on hers that it'll be here. lol

    Do you have a DIY tut on that necklace-harness???


  2. The lighting really showcases your peachy tan lol.

  3. great pix! that shade of pink looks really good on u :)

  4. FANTASTICALLY SLUTASTIC. goal achieved.

  5. the pink color looks goood.

  6. wow your hair is so shiny and pretty! :) What kind of shampoo do you use? you guys look fabbbbulous!

  7. u know uve made it big when u start having haters! and p.s. i like cheap slut face.

    go phi style! =)

  8. Been off the blogging for awhile and whoaa, hater? hahahaha! That's how you know your blog is awesome. Really! You ladies look GREAT! I need to find a photographer or learn how to use my dslr real. Btw, love the hair and makeup. =)

  9. Love that bright color on you!


  10. haha way to make a bad thing good. loving the cheap slut face!

  11. Lookin smoking there, Phi-yon-ce!

  12. these are all so great!!! i really love that first photo of you.

  13. it would be impossible for ya'll to get any prettier! So gorgeous! Love this blog!

  14. I love following your blog, your clothing ideas are such an inspiration (:.

    If you don't mind me asking, what type of camera do you use to capture those pictures? I think you mentioned it before but I cannot seem to find it. Also what type of photoshop do you use? Thanks so much :D

  15. Okay stop being so pretty because it's annoying! =) You look beautiful!

    Great photos again.

    Hey, can I be a cheap Vietnamese slut too? Send Anon my way!

  16. Being a cheap vietnamese slut is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Christine - I use Pureology's "Hydrate" line. It's great for colored hair!

    Canadian Girl - I use a Canon Rebel XT with either 50mm 1.8 or 17-50mm 2.8 lens. I use Lightroom to edit. However, the photos from these last 2 posts weren't taken by my camera!

  18. man that light is sooo bright! you sluts look great! i want to be a slut too!

    btw, don't know if you were still looking for them, but i spotted the neon yellow hyperprives on sale at saks today, size 37.5. additional 33% off. are you still going with a yellow wedding theme?

  19. Hi Ms. Phi,

    I just got my shirt today. It is really cute - I love it!

    Thank you again for doing the awesome give-away. You are so stylish and inspirational to me!


    Jenny Ruopian Lin.

    Jenny Ruopian Lin

    June 30, 2009 at 3:40 PM

  20. Gorgeous!

    La C.

  21. Gorgeous!

    La C.

  22. love your choice of first photo for last two posts...perfect.

  23. cuteness!

  24. very nice outfit and i love the color !

  25. So cute :)

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