Venue? CHECK.

We booked our venue for November 6, 2010.


Petroleum Club of Houston

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  1. absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Looks incredible! Congrats ! :)

  3. marking my calendar.

    i love it.

  4. As beautiful as I remembered!

  5. This is amazing! Wow, look at you guys so on top of things. You booked like 1.5 years ahead!! My fiance and I are getting married next summer and we still have yet to finalize our venue!

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  7. awww congrats cant wait for those pictures

    Vi from Cali

  8. LOVE IT! it will be amazing, i can tell it already.

  9. gorgeous floor to ceiling windows! congrats on booking the venue! it took us forever to do, you r so on top of things :)

  10. Wow, that is breathtaking!

  11. Looks amazing! Can't wait to see more details as you plan your wedding.

  12. Great view, I am sure it is going to be a beautiful wedding.

  13. looks like it will be splendid.

  14. wow, that looks so pretty! i bet it's even more amazing at night with the city lights in the background

  15. that place is AMAZING.

  16. wow, looks amazing!!

  17. oh my gosh. That's beautiful! I can just picture it in all of it's wedding glory!

  18. Very chic,

  19. it's huge! looks amazing. how many guests are you expecting? you could fit at least 350 or more by the looks of it

  20. Hey! I just found your blog, and I love it! I'm from Houston too, and my school's prom was at that venue in 2007. Amazing place!



  22. i've been behind on the blogger, but just read this, and wanted to say congrats on booking ur venue! that's a big thing that you can cross off your list!! the place is beautiful, and im sure ur wedding will be beautiful!

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