American Apparel cardigan, Target leggings, Michael Kors boots

UO sheer button up, Forever21 blazer, Target leggings, Michael Kors boots

Brass button detail

I wrote a previous entry in my other blog about Leggings As Pants (LAP). I essentially said I didn't like them.

I retract that statement. Because I now wear LAP. And I love it.

The first outfit.  My tri-blend cardigan which I love so much shrunk.  It used to hang below my butt, but now is too short to wear with leggings, I think.  Crotch almost showing.

Second outfit.  I changed into a slightly longer shirt with a shrunken blazer over it.  To my dismay, I realized that this shirt, which used to be loose, had ALSO SHRUNK.  WTH.  I felt like it was sticking to my butt too much.  (Also, notice the weird boob gap re. my previous entry.)

I changed for a 3rd time into a loose, vneck men's tshirt.  No picture because by that time, I was running late.  Kept the blazer b/c I like the buttons.

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  1. o ya i used to hate leggings as pants.. and well leggings in general.. then i bought 2 pairs a month or so ago. though i'm not quite bold enough to go for those shiny lame ones.. and i agree.. top must be loose and long enough to cover the crotch.. and i like both looks! especially that blazer.

  2. That blazer is amazing! :)


  3. i love your blazer! you're very pretty!

    thank u for adding me...i've added u, as well. ;)

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