Going Out; Being Awkward

Her: Abercrombie camisole, UO skirt, Nine West booties.
Him: Forever21 shirt, Diesel jeans, Gucci loafers.

Here is an extremely awkward stance. It makes me laugh.

My skirt has a bustle in the back. That's actually what it's called: "Pleated Bustle Back Skirt." There's also snap buttons in the back. I should have taken a picture of the back, but alas, I am new to this fashion blog business and didn't have the foresight to take pictures of details in my outfits. Like the necklace I'm wearing that I made. Next time, my pretties.

Remember in Cinderella when the ugly stepsisters had the dresses with big bustles that made them look like they had crazy ghetto booty? Mine didn't look like that.

We went out for BF's sister's 21st birthday.

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  1. the skirt sounds kute! are you preblogging enough for the whole week? that's a good idea.

    btw no way about the cardi.. that outlet is like 10 minutes no traffic from my house... and i've only been twice. please tell me you got it like yesterday.

  2. you look so cute!!

  3. hey! i came over from the link on we wear thing's blog. =)

    i love the outfit! all that black makes your legs look ten miles long! so jealous! =)

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