Robin Hood

James Perse shirt, Target leggings, Michael Kors boots, H&M scarf, Urban Outfitters necklace

My first time experimenting with over-the-knee boots and I am totally loving it. I love how more of your leg is covered by boots than by legging. I don't know, I just like the proportion. It makes your legs look super long too!

The boots + my shirt reminds me of Robin Hood.

I wore these boots to watch Twilight. Yes, Twilight was just as bad/awesome as you think it is. Edward Cullen needs to never take off those Wayfarers. And also never stop staring at me intensely/seeing into my soul.

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  1. I adore this outfit. Robert/Edward is pretty gorgeous, but his hair is looking disheveled in a not so nice way in some recent interviews/pictures. Also, I don't remember Cedric Diggory having such intense eyes.

  2. over the knee boots <3

  3. the perfect outfit for Twilight-- gotta make sure u look good for edward. I swear i saw him looking directly at you!

    i am loving the over the knee on you =)

  4. one of my fave scenes from the movie was when he smiled and put his arms around bella, wearing the wayfayers. i obsessively searched for a clip online to replay over and over and over... :)

  5. seo: you mean this clip?

    b/c i watched it over and over and over as well. =)

  6. YES exactly that. i love how he smiles right when he gets out of the car all giddy and excited...

    which is why i went to watch the movie multiple times, and will head down to portland (only a 3 hr drive from seattle) and stalk him in march for new moon filming. :)

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