Old Navy chiffon top, Erin Featherstone for Target tulip skirt, Saks 5th Ave shoes, Urban Outfitters necklace

Zara shirt, Club Monaco Sweater, Diesel Jeans, Gucci loafers, Sinn Watch

Several guest appearances in this entry. Tu later changed shoes because he "wore them in the other picture of me," but this picture came out better haha.

So these new shoes are THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THINGS EVER. My feet are pretty much immune to any pain. An avid unnecessarily-high heel wearer since college, my toes are permanently molded into pointy-toe shape and my heels no longer blister from new shoes. So...if I tell you they hurt, they REALLY HURT.

4-inch heels? Piece of cake. Patent leather? Bring it on! 4-inch heels + brand new patent leather + wearing them for over 5 hours = take your shoes off at the club and have your boyfriend carry you to the car. By the way, wearing a tulip skirt makes for awkward piggy back rides b/c your legs can only move 4 inches away from each other.

But they look pretty. I will wear again soon.

4 comments :: ATTACK!

  1. haha... ok that second photo is hilarious!!! and about the shoes.. i think patent hurts my feet more than 4 inches.. i'm like WHY SO TIGHT. anyways at least you looked hawt! i almost bought that skirt :)

  2. you look gorgeous...again! love your style.

  3. hahaah i love the pic of your bf popping out behind you LOL!!!! i love the color of your top as well.

    you and your bf are totally cute. love the awkward pose in your previous post! hahahaha

  4. that top is so lovely! perfect color for you! and i can't believe it is from old navy.

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