Widely Belted

Forever21 dress, Forever21 belt, Nine West shoes

I used to despise wide belts when the trend first started. Mostly it was because people wore them like the belt served no function. Like, WIDE BELTS ARE COOL SO HERE I AM WEARING ONE. Especially when it was over jeans. OVER your jeans. UGHHH STOPPIT. It's a fine point, but I feel like everything I wear should serve a purpose. Much like the people in my life (har har).

One of the first wide belts that I actually liked was a belt made of stretchy material. These belts are usually tighter, so you can get them to sit at your natural waistline, or slightly above for a high-waisted look. AND THEY LAY FLAT.

The dress is boring. The belt makes it slightly better. SEE? Purpose served.

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  1. FINALLY and also wuddfxup.. this blog is since 2007!! but srsly your work outfits are totally not boring.. classy sophisticated and totally money looking :P while mine are completely random.

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