Work Life Balance

James Perse long sleeve T, French Connection linen trousers, Zara gladiators, Armani glasses

I woke up with a stabbing pain in my left eye.  Which meant I had to wear glasses.  Which meant I had to wear black, to match my glasses.

Man my work outfits are BORING.  

I think a big reason is because I under-accessorize for work.  My watch, conservative necklace, conservative earrings.   That's it.  Look, they're not even VISIBLE in the picture, they're so small.  One time, I wore a big gaudy old lady ring (you guys, it TOTALLY matched my dress; I couldn't NOT wear it) and EVERYONE noticed.  That's a HELLUVA ring you got there! 

Not that it's bad to draw attention to oneself, but at what cost?

I try to look professional, but without stifling my personal taste too much.  This outfit is teetering on the edge of "too casual for the office."  But I don't WANT to wear polyester slacks all the time!

The thing is, I'm afraid that if I don't dress "boring" at work, people won't take me seriously.  To some degree, I get it.  You wear your priorities on your sleeve, so to speak.  If you're putting in a lot of effort to dress well, carrying an expensive bag (I've gotten comments on THAT too), matching those bangles to the buttons on your blouse, maybe that's more important to you than getting ahead at work?  Maybe you should be spending less time STYLING and more time WORKING?  It's hard enough being a [small] [asian] girl in a male-dominated industry.  I need all the credit I can get!

And on THAT note, I'd like to add that I received an award and thank-you gift from work this week for winning a big audit case for a client.  I got a $200 AMEX giftcard.  I'm going to use it to buy shoes, bitches.

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  1. i feel the same way about my 8-5 outfits! do u think it's unprofessional to not wear pantyhose? I see a mix, but end up deferring the decision and wearing pant suits (everyday).

  2. those shoes are fabulous...and thanks for adding me to your blogroll, love!

  3. ooh i almost thought you wore jeans to work!! it's funny.. there is pretty much no dresscode at my office.. and sometimes i wish there were so i could dress up more.. i mean i work with all guys.. who wear JEAN shorts (they still make those for men?) and oversized polos and tees... of course i work in IT. at least they shower. i used to conform to their way.. jeans and tee's but now i dress for me. gotta get some use outta my clothes.

    ryc: i tried a pair on at target once and a size 1 was still a bit big.. i haven't tried lately though! but i need to go.. new go international line!

  4. omg i SO feel u. i work at a lawfirm! imagine how people get nervous at the sight of me wearing studs/leather? lol!!

    thank u for finding me. i've linked your hot self. YAYY i think i am digging ur style. great inspiration for the working girlies

  5. ugh why legs so long? James perse was one of my clients once though sadly I did not receive free tees :(. Buy more kayaks

  6. those trousers are amazing on you!

  7. psh! boring? you're crazy! i think you look fabulous. you have tiny twists on otherwise "boring" concepts. like the pants could just be plain black stretchy bootcut pants. but, they're not! they're widelegged and awesome. and you could wear boring pumps with your outfit but you wore awesome sandals! plus the patns are the perfect length! i hate when the pants are way too high! ugh! so i don't think it's boring at all! =)

  8. I really enjoy pictures of your outfits...I hope you continue to update frequently!

  9. what industry do you work in?

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