F21 pocket tank, Zara trousers, Steven shoes, F21 belt and necklace

Look at my new awkward leg!  I think this pose would look much better if i was standing outside or against a muted backdrop...and not in front of my fireplace with random loitering dogs.

These pants are so comfy, but they're a little too big.  You know how you try to cinch baggy pants with a belt and it gets all weird and lumpy w/ overlapping material?  Yeah, that.  I think I'll run them through the washer and dryer and see if they get any smaller.

I just got this necklace at Forever21.  It was $12.80 and I was all WUT b/c that's expensive for F21 right?  It looked just OK at the store, but once I put it on at home, it became 10x better.  It lays almost like a mesh collar when you wear it.

Making a guest appearance is Milo, my sister's beagle, whom we've been dog-sitting this week.

And finally-

Much thanks to Luphia Loves for a Fabulous Blog award!

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  1. F21 pocket tank! I was going to get that....

  2. i like the tank.. must go to f21.. in seoul.. haha

    oh and like the trousers.. and necklace too! i stealz ur style.

  3. do you know the name of those pumps?
    i love them!

  4. that necklace really is lovely

  5. I was contemplating buying that necklace online, but I wasn't sure what it would look like in person. It looks great! And, it probably only looked okay in the store because you hadn't styled it yet.

  6. Oh, and I meant that with an emphasis on you.

  7. I like the forever21 necklace...I want to go there to find some fun jewl for myself.

  8. omg i was just looking at that necklace and belt. and i just bought that pocket tank in coral and white ;P

  9. puppy shot!!!
    I totally need that necklace in gold.
    Love this whole outfit

  10. Anonymous - sorry, i don't know what the style of those shoes are. they're Steven by Steve Madden and i got them at DSW maybe 2 months ago? i'll check the actual shoe when i get home to see if it's printed on there.

  11. wow.. The zara trouser look beautiful on you.

  12. oooh, Milo is so cute! Does he get along with your two original dogs? I have two dogs myself but they're only best friends with each other and pretty much ignore all other dogs when we go to the dog park. lol. we call them snobs.

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