Thursday Night

Libertine for Target blouse, F21 "leather" shorts, F21 booties and necklace

I miss the old Go International lines at Target.  The newer ones are so disappointing (I'm talking to you, Thakoon).

BF wanted to go out last night.  I wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.  Since BF would be working this weekend, I knew we wouldn't be able to go out so I obliged.  Threw on this outfit to go out to a couple bars on a Thursday night.  

The first bar we went to was pretty empty as it was barely 11pm.  There was a group of girls in front of the bar.

Male Friend:  I feel old; those girls look like they're 19.
Me:  And they're wearing FLARES.

Ugh so elitist.  Sometimes I disgust myself.  Other times it's like I'M JUST SAYIN.

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  1. Love your outfit

  2. This outfit is sexy!

  3. Cute blouse.

  4. haha, funny. its ok. we all do it. =P what are your fav spots in houston to hang out?

  5. what? you were just making an observation. ;)
    there was one black shirt dress i really liked from the thakoon/target, but i wished it had longer sleeves so i passed on it.

  6. Sex-ay!

  7. you always look so stylish! love this look, the top & heels are so stunning :)

  8. Love this casual look on you. I just linked you. Have a nice day,
    Nini Nguyen

  9. ha. you're a delight. sometimes being elitist is necessary.

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