Warm Weather

F21 tank, A&F shorts, The Sisters Campbell moccassins, F21 feather necklace

What I wore to eat BBQ.  Yummmm creamed corn smeared on white bread. Delicious!

It's getting warmer and warmer in Houston.  Unfortunately, it will soon become difficult to wear anything but tanks, shorts, and flip flops, as this outfit suggests.

For some reason, whenever I go out of town, I feel it's appropriate to wear a hat.  Especially to a "beachy"destination.  Since we're leaving for Miami in a couple days, I was trying on hats at F21 this past weekend.  So much fedora.  Aren't fedoras done yet?  I feel like they've been around for a long time.  I left the store emptyhanded.

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  1. thanks for the suggestions! i live near montrose/river oaks area and will check out boondocks, sounds fun. we were initially looking for our place in your area actually but didn't get lucky. no regrets tho! =) i'm quite done with citizens/blue/label/drake/pandora after episodes of "ladies, you can't get in b/c..." ever since i didn't want to spend time or money at those pricks' places, even tho i love the loungey stuff. =/

    i love hats! i'm waiting for my hair to grow out cause it looks weird w/ hats now. f21 has this cute tan/black one that i just got last weekend. have you tried urban outfitters? nice hats there as well!

  2. You are such a pretty girl!!!

  3. i wish it was warm...
    barely 40 here in NYC today :(

  4. you look so cute in those shoes!!! and fedoras are cute in my opinion still ;)

  5. why are you so itty bitty PERFECT?!?!

  6. Oh boy is Houston getting hotter. Today was so disgusting outside! LOVE that feather necklace. I didn't see anything like that the last time I was at F21!

    Mmm BBQ..just had some this weekend :)

  7. ooh that necklace is hawt!

    target has like 10 different fedoras. no joke.

  8. great necklace!

  9. i love your look, so cute :)

  10. you look absolutely stunning as usual, i want your figure along with your warm weather too!! :)

  11. love it. the mocassins make it especially adorable.

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