Festival Time; Life Changing Events

I got back from Miami on Sunday night. Lots of stuff happened during the weekend!

  1. My sister found out she got into her #1 pick for graduate school
  2. I met Chromeo and took a picture with them at a club
  3. Timbaland made a surprise appearance and performed a short dj set at the festival
  4. And then THIS happened while Cut Copy played Hearts on Fire:

And I guess because this IS a fashion blog:

Abercrombie shorts, AA cross-back bra, F21 pocket tank, The Sisters Campbell moccasins, H&M scarf, UO sunglasses

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  1. congrats!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Now the wedding planning whirlwind starts!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. congrats!! adorable how it's all documented.

  5. Hellz yea! Congrats!!

  6. congratulations! how exciting!

  7. OMG I am so happy for you, Congrats!

  8. OMG CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! such wonderful news! :)

  9. Congrats!!!!!!!

  10. i already congratulated u on FB but YAY CONGRATS AGAIN! and i LOVE your ring. happy wedding planning, if you need any tips/pointers let me know i have a plethora of knowledge hahha ;)

  11. follower of your blog. love your style and congrats!

  12. Congratulations!!!!

  13. congrats!

  14. oh my goodness!!! I've been a reader of your blog for quite some time now and i'm SOO excited and happy for you!!! CONGRATS!!!

  15. omigawdddd congratulations!!!!
    you look so genuinely happy and estatic. I hope to find that one day.... imagine the dress shopping!! yayyy

  16. OMG Congratulations! That's so awesome that it was all caught on film. What a great way to remember that special moment. :)

    I can't wait to read your wedding planning related blogs - if you post any! :)

  17. aww! so cute to have the proposal on camera! you guys are adorable. congratulations!

  18. congratulations. that is the sweetest proposal ever. :)

  19. im addicted to your blog because of clouds of tulle. love your style and congrats! that is one sweet proposal! =)

  20. Oh my gosh CONGRATULATIONS!!! The pictures look so sweet and what a surprise!!! Now you must keep us up to date with all of the crazy wedding shenanigans!! :)


  22. oh my godddddddd~!!!!!! ♥
    congrats lady!

  23. OMG Congratulations!!!! Excited for you!

  24. I'm another lurker that's never posted a comment but I just had to this one time...congratulations!

  25. aww, how sweet, congratulations!! :)

  26. aww. too cute. congrats


    And how amazing that someone was there to capture the moment!!!

    how awesome!

  29. How sweet and awesome the way that you shared this with all of us! Wishing you all the very best!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!

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