5th Grade

F21 silk blouse and shorts, Calvin Klein sheer hosiery, Steve Madden boots, F21 necklace

As I was assembling this outfit for a night on the town, it occurred to me that I used to wear something quite similar back in elementary school.  5th grade to be exact.  Black tights underneath denim shorts, shirt tucked in, with black boots.  Well the boots I wore in 1992 weren't over-the-knee with stilleto heels, but same concept.  

I know fashion tends to recycle, but it never really occurred to me that something I actually used to wear would arise again so soon.  Pretty amusing!

On a related note, I went out [clubbing] with 2 of my aunts that night - aged 39 and 41.  A week or so earlier, they had seen me in my "boyfriend jeans" and they pointed out that they used to wear the exact same thing in college.  I noted that they should wear them again, but this time, with 4in+ platforms.

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  1. um hai sexxxxxy.
    love this outfit and can't believe that blouse is F21. it's perfect.
    you were a damn stylish 5th grader.

  2. Just stumple accross your blog. You have great style.. I'm thinking about getting a pair of over the knee boots as well...still haven't found the perfect pair yet.

  3. I love your hair here!

    I felt the same way when tights came back. My mom laughed at me. haha

  4. first image is like music video time
    betchu weren't quite as fierce in 5th grade.

    boots so good!

  5. Glad you didn't mind, and thanks for the add. Yeah, so cool about Garance + Scott.

  6. those boots make your legs look fabulously long!

  7. how cute, you went out with your aunts. you look super shotttt mama ;)

  8. in 5th grade, i was wearing my school uniform which consisted of green plaid culots, and unflattering white button down. And the culots were what made my day.

    i hate myself.

  9. *culottes

  10. those over the knee boots are rockin'! isn't that so true about trends recycling. what a hip 5th grader you were! i get embarassed when i think about what i used to wear back then. :)

  11. you are so so fabulous!!!

    ps i've given you an award :)


  12. I love your blouse and those boots are SO fantastic!!!

  13. i love your blog! but you don't update as much..

    anyways, looking forward to the next.

  14. you look fabulous!!!

  15. You look fabulous!!!

  16. favorite xx

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