William Blake; Lord Byron

Forever 21 ruffled blouse, French Connection wide leg slacks, Nordstrom cardigan.

I look like a poet today.  A romantic poet, to be exact.  An Ode to a Grecian Urn-type poet.  It matches the house, which is cool too.

Pepper (pic #3) always looks like that.  She's so prim and pretty.  My sister and I always comment that we wished we were as pretty (and skinny) as Pepper.

5 comments :: William Blake; Lord Byron

  1. Aww...both of your dogs are so pretty! And so are you, btw :)

  2. love that blouse!!! and curved stairwell? ugha i think i may have to move back in the city.

  3. Ah quite gossip girly if I may say so! chic poet :D cute doogs

  4. beautiful!

  5. SO PRETTY! you look like a little doll

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