Target Presta Wedges

I heart Target.

Why I like these:
  • 4.25-inch heel. My motto - the higher the better.
  • The wedge is skinny. This is important because I have an aversion to platform on shoes (UGH so gross stop wearing them please). The wedge is narrow and curves inward so it doesn't look bulky.
  • Rope + Cork. The combination makes it so much better than if it was cork alone.
  • $24.99! Enough said.

Great cheap shoes to throw on and not care if you mess them up by tripping on nonexistent items on the sidewalk or sideswiping brick walls. (Unfortunately, this really is a concern of mine.)

You can't tell from the picture, but the ankle ties are actually long strings that you wrap multiple times around your ankle (and not a solid cuff as the picture leads you to believe). Esperadille-style. I'm not crazy about this style, but I'm willing to forgive it.

I LOVE the height. They make we feel like I'm walking on my tiptoes, which is fabulous. THE HIGHER THE BETTER. Wear them under those jeans that are just a
tad too long, but not long enough to make hemming them worth it.

Plus - they're comfy!

Price: $24.99
Vendor: Target

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