True Religion - Johnny

Straight leg True Religions in "
Urban Cowboy Dark"

I used to have an aversion to True Religions because (1) my butt is nonexistant in them and (2) they looked obnoxious. However, True Religion has come out w/ different cuts in the past 2 years or so that look so much better - mostly b/c they have smaller pockets that don't sit so low on your butt.

So now, I'm a fan. True Religions fit me particularly well b/c they tend to have a very low rise, which is good b/c I have no torso. Yes, I have no torso and no butt. And big calves. I look weird.

These straight legs fit really well and are skinny enough to wear under boots, but wide enough to wear with flats or over heels. I have 2 pairs (this one and the black ones) and want another!

price: $170-262 (different styles, same cut)

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