Paige Premium Denim - Blue Heights

Skinny Paige jeans in "Greywalls"

First of all,
I heart Paige jeans. Best stretch jeans ever because they retain their shape. YES it's true. Now, don't get me wrong - my favorite jeans are still my old reliable Sevens ... but Sevens have a tendency to stretch out.

It's the perfect shade of grey (i.e., not too light and not dark enough to just look faded black). Best part? Even my massive calves fit in these! I might even be able to wear them on their own, WITHOUT high boots over them.

Actually, this is questionable. Whatever, I still want them.

price: $179

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  1. I LOVE Paige... holy crap, there are none other that can make a grown man cry as you walk away. :)

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