Target maxi dress, F21 belt and jewelry

I wore this to work (with a cardigan) last week for "Casual Friday." I took the photos after coming home from work. LOOK AT MY OILY FACE LOOK AT IT. Also the strange hair-loop coming out the side of my head.

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  1. love the necklace and the belt.
    looking like a princess....

  2. lol calm down ur face doesn't even look shiny at all! I love the whole outfit!

  3. that necklace is complete opposite from casual.


  4. oily face? you must be joking! you didn't see mine :)
    this necklace is gorgeous!

    watching the waves :)

  5. I hate oily skin! I have oily skin and constantly have to re-touch throughout the day! ugh. It's a curse.

    I'm in love with the belt though!

  6. i agree with gmmf, you are channeling a princess with this outfit.

  7. you look like a pretty shiny doll =)

  8. late comment but CONGRATULATIONS on the win!! love the dress! you always look fabulous.

  9. Love the dress on you and your necklace is really pretty. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I really appreciate it.


  10. Love your outfit!

  11. You shouldn't point out those things! I didn't even notice the hair piece and your face isn't even oily.....anyway, FABULOUS outfit. love, love, love!

  12. you're SO lucky maxis suit quite tall so they swim just above my ankle awkwardly :s

  13. this one i like the most. your beautiful wearing that dress...

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