Independence day; Doggles

F21 embroidered tank, Erin Fetherstone for Target corduroy skirt, BCBG sandals, Gap belt, F21 headband

I don't like patriotic things.  Like those magnets of red/white/blue ribbons on peoples' cars.  Or those magnets of the Jesus fish, for that matter.  But Happy 4th of July!

Here are some ridiculous photos of my dogs in goggles.  DOGGLES!

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  1. hi doggles!

  2. Cute outfit, cute doggles on your dog!

  3. I love your outfit (: You have such a pretty profile! And I love your makeup - what products do you use? (if you don't mind sharing, that is!)

    La C.

  4. I ended up getting a pair of givenchys with the laceup in the front. looks very similar to the annd's but in a wedge form. and my sales guys said he would hold it for me until the 50% markdown =)

    do you know which exact date they're going to cut prices again? i really want those shoes now!!!!!

  5. I like your sandals a lot! I have an addiction to shoes.

    Your lucky your hair curls so nicely, my hair doesn't hold curls at all.

  6. your legs look so tone in the first picture, looking good!!

  7. Great outfit. Your dog is so cute :)

  8. You are always so fab!!!!

  9. cute outfit !

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