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F21 burnout tank, leggings, fringe shrug, necklace; Steve Madden shoes

One of those outfits where you don't realize that the entire thing is from Forever21 until you're writing it up on your blog.  I need to diversify.

This is what I wore to the Britney concert on Monday.  I was underwhelmed. =(  

I liked Britney since highschool when Hit Me Baby One More Time came out.  That "like" developed into an obsession in college.  I loved (LOVED) her.  Posters of her decorated my dorm room walls (my old college roommates can attest).  I spents hours studying her music videos, VMA performances (2001 VMA performance of I'm a Slave 4 U - hands down the best), and tours on dvd.  I actually bought tickets to see her Toxic tour in 2003, but she suffered a knee injury and cancelled the rest of her tour before she got to Houston.

And then the insanity began.

So I know since 2003 she's been married several times, had 2 children, shaved her head, was in rehab, etc etc.  I know I shouldn't expect 2001-2004 Britney.  BUT WHY SO MUCH ARM DANCING?  MOVE YOUR DAMN FEET.

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  1. holy shit those shoes are amazing.

    yeah i was disappointed with the concert too. i saw her standing on platforms alot or sitting on cages. sigh. and the setlist didn't help.

  2. loveeeee the burnout tank!

  3. love it! i always wear all forever 21 sometimes.. i am a cheapie i guess lol.

    i so wanted to go to the britney concert here in Cali but i still have to win tickets on ebay lol

  4. that shrug is really cute on you. and you know why there is more arm dancing.

  5. Found your blog recently and I looove it! You always have awesome hair in your posts :)

  6. such a cool vest! love the fringes

  7. OK, I get it. Flawless taste in clothes and shoes and boyfriend--fiance? And all around awesomeness? Unreal.

    I can totally dig.

    BUT PLEASE! Can you show the rest of us mere mortals how to get the locks you're sporting on these shots? Forget where you went shopping; I want your hair.

  8. love your cropped jacket!!

  9. love the look!

  10. That fringe is wonderful and love the burnout tank! I have that in the t-shirt version :) And I must agree with everyone else, you have AMAZING hair.

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