Boy by Band of Outsiders shirt, True Religion jeans, Wanted shoes

Thank you everyone for all of the congratulations and well wishes - from regular readers and lurkers alike!  I still can't believe I have a fiance.  Plus, that word always makes me laugh because it reminds me of "maybe the dingo ate your baby" and also, it reminds me of "Beyonce" and how my my last name is "Phi" so that makes me "Phi-yonce"

To answer some questions:
  1. I most likely will be posting some of my wedding planning on the blog - how can I not?  I expect to be completely consumed by it come 2010.

  2. We don't know when the big date is - I want a long engagement so I can have it EXACTLY how I want it and not be rushed with any of the planning.  Definitely more than a year away.

  3. I've gotten several comments on my hair (haha).  There are 2 ways I curl it - the 10 minute way, and the 25 minute way (this method gets the most comments).  I've never posted any sort of tutorial in my life, but once I figure out the mechanics of how I'd make one (video?  photos?  timer issues?  how is the lighting in my bathroom?), I'll see if I can pull one together.

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  1. you're too funny. :)
    can't wait to see your wedding planning stuff. i love weddings.

    would love to see the tutorial. can't curl my hair by myself. such a dummy.

  2. oh wait i missed this! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I had a two year engagement for the same reason. and my wedding was perfect aside from the hurricane. :)

    i get a ton of requests for hair tutorials as well but the lighting in my bathroom sucks so I have yet to figure out a good place and good way for a tutorial!

  4. cute top!

  5. im also in the wedding invitation industry-- let me know and i can show ya around the wonderful world of invitations =)

    i heart letterpress!

  6. Glasses = smrt.

  7. congrats! I just recently became a fiancee too. we r having a long engagement. i don't plan on ever purchasing a bridal magazine, but just started perusing some wedding blogs in addition to my fashion reads, and i must say that it sometimes stresses me out just reading about the process!

  8. the yellow looks so fabulous on your, cute glasses too :)

  9. the yellow is soooooo good on you

  10. wooohooo! sharing is caring.

    what you do with your hair is awesome and you need to be on that tutorial oh my goodness.

  11. this look is fantastic. love the yellow top. you make "nerd" chic :)

  12. where are your awesome glasses from?

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