Banana Republic cardigan, AA Sexuali-Tee, Love Yaya pants, F21 belt and shoes

I got these pants a while ago from Neiman Marcus Last Call for like $7 (reg like $200?).  I never wore them because, well, they're weird.  They sort of fleece-y inside, but sort of nylon-y on the outside, similar to athletic pants.  They even fit sort of like those soccer warmups that are tighter at the bottom than at the top.... harem pants!

I dug them out again because they are now relevant and not just weird pants that I should be wearing to do some sort of athletic activity.

Zipper detail 

(Haha at the sticker still on the bottom of my shoe.)

The zipper along the back kind of confirms that these pants were designed with fashion in mind....right?

Do you ever give brands the benefit of the doubt when they design something weird?  I have a couple of Yaya Aflalo and Love Yaya items and I really like the style, fit, and materials.  But these pants (which were marked down like 3028952 times, probably b/c they are odd) were a little anomalous to what they normally make.

But I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  Because they know what they're doing, right?

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  1. Those pants are too cool! Funny thing, my favorite piece in my closet is my Yaya Aflalo grey leather cardigan. It was marked down a bazillion times and it's the best deal I've ever gotten!

  2. i like the pants. =)

  3. ohhhhhh the zipper detail is sickkkk! love those pants
    and I love how you tucked the AA Sexuali-Tee.
    Hot. I need to try that.

  4. I like the zipper detail on the pants a lot. And they sound very comfortable as well as being fashionable.

  5. i love them. but i gravitate towards a bit of weird.

  6. the zipper detail's cool! i don't know why but i like especially like zippers on black.

  7. i love your pants

  8. Thanks for the tutor ! I love your hair!

  9. damn do that everyday? I'm an idiot when it comes to styling my own hair. Your hair makes me wish I had long hair pretty.

  10. I love the pants. They remind me of the early 90s!

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