October Anniversary

I was watching The Hills (shut up) last year and noticed LC & Co.'s nameplate rings and was intrigued.  Not so much by the nameplate itself, but the fact that the ring stretched across 2 fingers.  Like brass knuckles.  So cool.

So then my mild interest in big statement rings grew.  I looked on Etsy and other random jewelry sites, and while I saw a couple of nice items (like the ubiquitous Made Her Think rings), nothing that really piqued my interest enough to start typing in CC numbers.

I was flipping through Nylon a month or so ago and saw these statement rings by October Anniversary.

Fire Coral
$175 Silver / $200 Gold

Peace Lily
$180 Silver / $225 Gold

So I was like, ok they're pretty.  They're big.  They're interesting.  The jewelry line was started by friends Alexandra Tavel and Olga Nemcova (Petra's sister), which is pretty cool too.

No, no.  It was not until I looked on the website that I fell in love.

Look at how AMAZING they look when they're actually on your finger(s).

What's more is that they used 100% recycled metals from eco-friendly factories and donate 10% of their profits to the Happy Hearts Fund, a non-profit org started by Petra Nemcova dedicated to education and healthcare for children in impoverished countries around the world.  So nice!

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  1. it's good to see what the ring actually looks like on. i really like how the vine wraps around the whole finger

  2. those are so pretty. i used to get huge rings in the french quarter and had a whole collection til katrina washed it away. very sad.. i haven't bought much jewelry since..i might have a change of heart after looking at these..

    for retropolis, bring a friend and dedicate a chunk of time if you're into vintage. it's overwhelming fun the first time =)

    does anyone make kartell ghost reproductions? i don't think so right? i want a clear one at my vanity.

  3. hi there, been following (and loving) your blog. the hills is a guilty pleasure of mine. i fell in love with the double finger nameplate ring and had one made. kinda tacky. kinda fabulous. i love mine. but not nearly as much as i love that lily one.

    anyhow, love your style.

  4. I love The Hills too! I'm kind of sad that it's going to be the last season (supposedly). But I'm glad Lauren is growing up and moving on with her fashion line. I think she needs to pay more attention to it anyway.. but that's another story. Oh yes, I'm also hoping that Heidi and Spencer will go away with the The Hills ending.

  5. love how the rings look on you! i love big rings - though these days i tend to keep it pretty simple.

  6. oh i like that coral one.. the lily one looks like it might annoy my hand

  7. ooooh I LOVE THESE!!!!!! thanks so much for introducing them to us. i will have to buy one as soon as i have some extra spending money... since i have been splurging on so many shoes lately ahha.

    buying things for a good cause is always a good thing in my book!

  8. wow, they're so stunning!

  9. They look so much better on then in the original photos. I'm a huge fan of giant rings/multi finger rings. Might have to check these out in person.

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