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Love Yaya jacket, Target skinnies, Steve Madden boots

I was having a lengthy conversation with Issa from WeWearThings about bargain shopping and never paying full price for anything ever (except maybe purses which, I repeat, are INVESTMENTS).  It's almost an obsession - finding the best deals possible.  I message Clouds-of-Tulle daily about the deals I find, and she does the same.  She found $6 pea coats today!  LOL.

I noted that we're all in kind of an awkward salary brackets, as put in relation to a shared love for fashion.  We'd like to afford Rick Owens jackets, Ann Demeulemeester sandals, Marni platforms, PL 3.1 carrot pants, A. Wang tanks, and Balenciaga bags (maybe this is just me haha).  But realistically, we can't - or shouldn't.   We're all now officially in our late 20's, have graduate and/or post-graduate degrees, and have been working for several years.  However, with age comes responsibility.  We have school loans in repayment, mortgages, car payments, insurance, taxes, 401Ks.  THE LIST GOES ON.

So yes, we do make more money than say, a college student.  But I, for one, have not gotten to the point where I can throw down $500+ for a pair of shoes without a second thought (although this IS the dream, am I right?).  In fact, I'm supposed to be putting aside $500/month so that I can pay the taxes on my house at the end of the year.  

At the same time, we're all pushing 30.  Maybe we SHOULDN'T be shopping at Forever21 and Target as much?

Anyways this has suddenly become a long entry and the outfit above isn't even that interesting t make up for this rambling.

But check out these deals I got!

Steve Madden "Endear" over-the-knee boots.  

Regularly $259.99.
Got it for $129.99 at the store, and it was buy one get one 90% off.  I'm SO SRS BSNS.

Love Ya Ya "Curtis" Jacket

Regularly $224.
Got it for $40.32.

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  1. I ended up ordering 3 pea coats. Because they're $6, and I need some.

  2. This is a great post. I'm definitely fall into that category with you. But we must still shop at Target and Forever 21 for their on trend styles and great deals!

  3. You did great.. The yoga jacket that you're wearing look just like the Rick Owens jacket. What's the fabric on it?

  4. love that jacket! i liked reading this post. it is really something we have to think about especially in this recessionist time.

  5. those are two KILLER finds.

  6. i think we can still shop at f21, as long as we dont look like we bought our clothes at f21.

    also that jacket is amazing.

  7. You're so pretty!<3

    Yep, they're (4-year old) Payless!! haha, thank you, love! =]


  8. man i like that jacket.. and where are these $6 peacoats?!

  9. ps. we do not escrow either.


  10. i was gonna agree with nini, looks like a RO piece!

  11. Those are some sweet deals. your outfit definitely looks more expensive than it is.

    I struggle daily with my growing responsibilities as an adult and my never-ending obsession with fashion!

  12. Love the pants in the second outfit!

    Also, do you split the mortgage with your bf since he lives with you? I've been thinking about buying a condo out here in California and haven't decided if I want to go into it with my bf or by myself since we're not married or engaged. But real estate is soo ridiculous here in So. Cal. that I don't think I'd be able to do it by myself. Sorry if the question is too personal. Just curious.

    And love the sneak peek of your master bedroom. The furniture is so sleek!

  13. i agree! i usually try a balancing act of wearing at least one thing that i could never afford in college. and that makes me feel like im at least taking baby steps until i finally reach my dream of having a closet full of bottega & chloe. <3

  14. I see you love fashion as much as i do!, check my site im sure you'll fall in love. and if you do make sure you follow, an comment on my post!

    Much Love,

  15. urgh! your bargains are my too much! lol
    hopefully when im in my late twenties i'll actually be a successful artist...of some sort. lol

  16. Great find!!!

  17. Anna - my bf and i both have our names on the mortgage, so we do split. we are not engaged or married either. =)

    if you buy in 2009 and it is your first home, you get a $8000 homebuyer tax credit that does not require repayment. something to consider!

  18. Sometimes commenting on a new blog is like interrupting a group of people talking by injecting you own voice into something you have no context to. With that said...yes late twenties is very different waters than my college days. As my taste gets more and more expensive my desperation for a good bargain gets even greater. It's rare that I pay full price for something unless it's an item that will never go on sale.

  19. Wow, thanks for the tip on the tax credit! That's good to know! Thanks so much!

  20. I don't think I've paid full price for anything in a while. After working in retail, I realized the markups and such on items. I usually only end up paying full price for pieces I know that are timeless, won't ever go on sale, or will get tons of use. Besides, it's so much more fun when you see something you like and it's on sale. That jacket on you looks great!

  21. Great post! I usually live by the same code. There is nothing better than buying a great piece on sale. That is why I religiously stalk eBay. Some of my best deals have been from there.

  22. oh my goodness! your outfit is wild. you're officially my style hero, and i can only dream that when i'm finally done with college i can rock a bangin set of boots like you.


  23. While carrot pants seem pretty self descriptive, all that's going through my head is "apartment pants."

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  25. I am with you on bargain shopping. I am a bargain shopper myself especially in this kind of economy. Retail stores online and off line are flashing consumers everyday with sale after sale, why pay full price if you can find something similiar at one of the outlet stores, online bargain, and in store promotion.

  26. Lov the boots

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