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Jose Gonzalez - Hand on Your Heart

My current song obsession is Jose Gonzalez's cover of Hand on Your Heart, originally by
Kylie Minogue.

I was like
eh the first time I heard it. I'm not particularly fond on folksy music. But after a few more listens, I started liking it more and more. His voice and the lyrics are just so so pretty.

I wasn't crazy about his cover of The Knife's
Heartbeats. The original is just too good. However, dare I say - I like his version of Hand on Your Heart better than Kylie's version? I know! And I LOVE me some Kylie! She's one of my favorite ladies, but her version is a little TOO 80's for me. It scares me kind of.

This song is a single, so it's not on his
Veneer album.

See the video for Hand on Your Heart at

Listen to Heartbeats at

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