Fiance bought me a BICYCLE yesterday!

Fiance, who already has a road bike, suggested I get a bike about a month ago. I instantly imagined myself riding around cobblestone roads, wearing a full skirt, pony tail flying in the air, scarf flapping in the wind. There are freshly cut flowers, a baguette, and a bottle of wine in my basket. Also, apparently, I am Audrey Hepburn and I live in Paris.


We go to a bike shop and I sit on a couple of bikes to get an idea of what size I need. Of course, I will only look at the "girl bikes" (i.e., a beach cruiser) and more importantly, what type of basket should I get? Wicker? Metal?

After some more research online, we decide on the bike above. It was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. YAY!

Fiance adjusts the seat for me and clips on an LED light in the front and back of the bike (safety first, guys). Lets take it out for a spin around the neighborhood. OKAY!

I get on the bike and suddenly-

"Do I know how to ride a bike?"

ERRR. OK I DO KNOW HOW, but its probably been15+ years since I've ridden a bike?

Needless to say, I was all WOBBLE WOBBLE, but I guess it's true that you never do forget how to ride one of these things. So they say.

We are riding to the bike shop after work today so I can pick out a rear mounted basket. And a baguette.

I always think of this song when I hear the word "bicycle."


  1. i instantly thought of that queen song when i saw that bike. it makes me want to ride my bicycle. i want to ride it wherever i like.

    and i don't like star wars.

  2. Don't forget to pick up daises too! Also, this allows you to say "want to ride bikes?" like you're 8.

  3. you're too cute. nice bike! it has a vintage look to it. makes me want to look into getting one, too.

  4. Please do me a favor. Remember to chain up that bike and take the tires with you, or else someone is gonna jack that sweet bike of yours. It is so sweet.

  5. So adorable--there are tons of these around New York, but I haven't seen one in this color. I love! <3

  6. I saw the title and all I can think of was...
    "I want to ride my bicycle...." lol

    I love the vintage look of the bike, great choice!

  7. Nice riiiddeee!!! I've always wanted a cruiser bike!!! Planned on getting one, but summer is over :( maybe next year... but yay for you!!! A basket is a must... and the baguette + flowers + scarf + very cute girly outfit.

  8. OMG I am dying of laughter....jajajjajajaja. You are sooo funny! I could only imagine how the how day went down and the things ur fiance was Let me tell u...I haven't ridden one either in like 15 years and it's because I had a horrible accident going down a hill and now I am super paranoid! I wish I was used to it and more comfortable! I would love to get a very chic one like that one u got! It looks absolutely fabulous! Have fun ridding it and be careful with those hills...that is my worst fear!



  9. OMG I've been wanting a bicycle for a while now.. but I have no idea how to shop for one.. I must say yours is sooo cute! I love the color too, its perfect!

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  11. he did a wonderful job picking out this bike for you! =)

  12. your bike is so pretty! learning to ride a bike is one of my life goals.. It's just so hard and I don't have time AND a bike to practice on..=P so excited for your biking outfit!=)

  13. very cool bike! I got a bike a month ago (just a road one) out of major persuasion from the bf and i felt so weird and awkward on it. needless to say, i didn't last long at all. yours look sooo cool!

  14. You are hilarious! And your bike is sweet!

  15. what an adorable bike! yay fiance!

  16. Your bike is amazing! The color is so pretty!


  17. Omg! I've been looking for a bike and looked at this SAME color combo! Drool! I need one asap! Let me know how much you love it!

  18. I love bicycle like the one pictured!so cool!

  19. just bought a vintage pale yellow bike, but now i'm thinking i want a new bold colored one! with a basket, meh. looks beautiful enjoy it with the weather while you can!
    great blog, -im following!- would love it if you checked mine out:

  20. WOoOo.. Ilove love love this bicycleeeeeeeeeeee!

    visit my blog & follow me! =:-)


  21. I love this bike! The color is perfect.

  22. i have been eying a single gear bike as well. but i already have 2 bikes! a road and a mountain bike. here's one of my fav blogs that shows the chicness of cycling:

  23. lol. what a fury of words this post was! i'm happy that you have a new bike with many adventures to come!

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  25. It's cute, but If you do it in pink one! OMG, I want to buy it right now!

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  27. bichi!

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