Black and Blue

Opening Ceremony bodysuit, Arden B leather skirt, Nine West shoes, UO necklace, F21 bracelets.

Clouds-of-Tulle won tix to a local fashion show so she took me along. It was pretty.....terrible. Ok I know "fashion" and "style" and "art" are like totally subjective....but Ed Hardy? Can we pretty much all agree that Ed Hardy is objectively "bad fashion?" COME on. So much bedazzled dragons.

Inspired by Rachel Zoe, I decided to wear a slouchy beanie out in the summer. Tried it out on Monday night for some after dinner drinks. Head so hot. I think this may only work in CA.

I bought 10 pounds of Haribo Twin Cherries on Amazon. I eat them EVERYDAY everyday.

24 comments :: Black and Blue

  1. Who says black and blue dont work are rocking them.
    PS: I too think Ed Hardy stuff is crap

  2. love the jewelry

  3. LOVE the blue top!

  4. oh my gosh, I LOVE Haribo cherries. the BEST!! and I love your blog too! Been following for awhile now but just commenting now. Love your outfits :)

  5. great outfit! following you now. found you via wewearthings! HI ISSA!

  6. Oh I recently fell in love with Haribo S'ghetti's lol, they taste so yummy. And UGH Ed Hardy is horrendous.......

  7. the ed hardy comment made me laugh... i wouldn't even call it "bad fashion" ... it's just bad.

  8. Love your bodysuit! I saw a lot of Ed Hardy in Guam it's icky and expensive!

  9. you look cute in the beanie!

  10. no it's HOT in California too! haha cute though! :)

  11. Love your bangs and your blog!

  12. Oooh love the beanie. I think it'd be nice for Fall. It's officially Autumn now so it's time to break out the wardrobe!

    P.S. I want to see more pictures of your house! :)

  13. I think Ed Hardy is so tacky and tasteless. It hurts me when people think it's "fashion."

  14. what do u normally wear to work? post something for ur work outfits!

  15. ARDENB Skirt = so good.

  16. Agreed--Ed Hardy is just wrong!

  17. I tried rockin the LA summer beanie too and the head sweats are too much. At least LALA land got colder this week....

  18. Love the whole outfit!

  19. i wish i had one of their bodysuits! they are the best under high waisted bottoms.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.
  21. I totally love her outfit and the shoes! great style!

  22. ooooooh i do like!

  23. i wish i had one of their bodysuits! they are the best under high waisted bottoms.
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