New Things, Old Things, Crispy Things

Urban Outfitters crop halter top, Burberry shorts, Chinese Laundry sandals

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

On my birthday date, Fiance and I had mexican food at Hugo's where we had, among other things, fried grasshoppers as an appetizer. I told my fellow foodie friend Audrey about it the next day:

Audrey: were they good?

me: they're not bad...

Audrey: LOL.
did you finish the bowl?

me: i mean, i didn't have seconds or anything
no we did not

Audrey: did you eat more than one?

me: grasshopper?

Audrey: yes

me: yeah, they're small.

Audrey: oh ok

me: i ate maybe...30 of them.

Audrey: LOL
omg, i'm laughing out loud
"they're not bad. i ate like 30."

me: LOL

Here's a bad photo I took of them ON MY NEW IPHONE. It's the first time in life I've ever had internet on my phone and let me tell you - IT'S GREAT. Oh you already know? Well then I'd like to welcome myself to the 21st century.

Here's a picture of myself from the 20th century. Probably 1985-1986 to be exact. My sister felt inspired to upload a plethora of [embarassing] photos from our childhood onto Facebook last week. GET A LOAD OF ME!

So apparently almost 25 years pass and not much has changed....  This both comforts and alarms me.

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  1. cute outfit. very summery.

    oh, man i don't think i would try fried grasshoppers. i'm very unadventurous when it comes to food. Or most things. were adorable back then too...A+ for a matching outfit. :)

  2. love the shorts and you look so cute with your pink headband! ;)

    uhm, is it weird that i like to try those grasshoppers? if you ate 30 then it must have been good.

  3. I love that pic of you as a little girl. You were a fashionista in the making!

  4. i love the platforms in your shoes! I want it! they are perfect, so hot!
    You look very good, the shorts are so cool, i adore its!
    the pic with you from 20century is cute, "petite-maitresse" :)

  5. I freakin' looooove your shorts!

  6. that picture of lil tramanh makes me happy.

  7. great pants and shoes!

  8. hm must be nice to take pictures of yourself from behind and not have a ridiculous protruding butt! haha

    hmm you ate 30? lol

  9. oooh THOSE SHORTS. so good.

  10. Ohhh they must've been really good!
    Now I really cannot wait till November for my trip there plus the crawfish---YUM!

    You look so ADORABLE! Upload some more of those baby pics pls!

  11. ewww to the grasshoppers!
    awww to the adorable picture!

  12. looks like the fashion bug got to you at an early age! too cute!

  13. and yea, i can't imagine my life without my iphone. i can't even remember how it was before i got it!

  14. love ur top and ur hair!

  15. Fried grasshopers, I am not sure about that, can't believe you posed like a pro even at 5 years young.

  16. i like the shorts and the shoes... grasshopper??!!! lol

    and congrats on the internet lol

    Vi from Cali

  17. Cute 20centure pic;) and very nice shorts! As for the iphone, what can I say, I am addicted. Really addicted!

  18. you look fantastic! swooning over the shorts

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