Hot Mess


F21 jumper, Target wedges, Banana Republic suede belt and necklace, Urban Outfitters earrings, Fiance's Omega Seamaster watch

It's been hot.  Unbearably hot.  Triple-digit hot.

I know tons of people have been complaining that it's hot.  YES YES IT'S JULY WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

But have you heard that it's been SO HOT that one's engagement ring no longer fits?  I'm FOR  SERIOUS.  That's why I've been having to wear it around my neck.  It's been so hot that my fingers have swelled.  The only reason why I'm wearing the ring in the previous post is because I could not get my ring off for 2 days.  I had to sleep and shower with it on.

They've swelled almost an entire ring size.  Vienna sausages!  How do I know?  Well we've decided that I have to get a new setting for my ring b/c I can't even get my old one on anymore.  Upon getting resized, I've gone up 0.75.  How ridiculous is that?

What's going to happen when the weather finally cools down?  Well that's why my giant double-jointed knuckles are so handy.

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  1. how many karat is your diamond?

  2. you look so cute in the jumper!

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  4. i love your jumper. and yeah i have to agree on you.its been horribly too hot.

  5. oh I love that jumper!!!
    good luck staying cool :[

  6. wait til it's hot AND ur 8 months pregnant. i still cant comfortably wear my engagement ring & band. o well...

  7. i cant wear my engagement ring anymore after i have given birth to my kids.
    anyway, you look great in your jumper and i love your necklace

  8. Hey, I just found your blog through Issa's blog. I love your style and adore your shoe collection. Love the jumper, great way to keep cool in this unbearable heat.

  9. i love the romper!

    what lip color are you wearing? i love it!

  10. nice summer outfit...yes it's hot everywhere...

  11. The jumper works on you! Most people can't pull of jumpers.

    Yes! it is crazy hot. It was 103 degrees today and it was a cooler day than most

  12. nice pics! this jumper is amazing! love the look!

  13. pretty good necklace, i like it!
    cool outfit

  14. I adore how you mix high and low pieces. Sorry about your ring, why not get one of those prong set ring guards, so that way when your hands go down you can take off the prong set (ring guard).

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  16. I love your jumper.
    yes is so hot everywhere...

  17. super cute outfit! so summery.

  18. I love your jumper! great style ;)

  19. I love the pattern and colors of that jumper! And the necklace is gorgeous as well. Yeah, it's pretty hot here as well, though thankfully my engagement ring still slips off without too much torture. I already had to get it resized (smaller) when I first got it, so getting it bigger would be a pain (plus, I'm wondering if the engraving would be screwed up if it was resized?).

  20. lol on the swelling finger. LOVE YOUR JUMPER! ;)

    click here to visit me at mode junkie!

  21. Anon - might as well ask me how much i weigh too! i think i'll leave this one a mystery. =)

    Michelle - i'm wearing MAC Slimshine in Lovey-Dove. it's been my default go-to lipcolor for over a year now. it has the best consistency.

    allicia - my original ring was too big so we did have a guard put on, but it was just so unsightly! that's why we ended up resizing it...which turned out to be a mistake.... =P

  22. omg, i though i was the only weirdo that couldn't wear their engagement ring due to heat swelling. my ring is normally comfortably loose but in this heat i swear it feels like i go up an entire size. ugh. i've been wearing a thin band in place of it.

  23. I just wanted to say that you have a very interesting blog. I love the element of both food and fashion. This is my first time coming across your blog, so I just wanted to say hello and I look forward to reading more of your post.

    All the best,

  24. I love the pattern of your jumper! :] Very cute! And you've got amazing hairrrr.


  25. haha, more like haute mess! love the jumper so much! super cute!

    ps- coming from rainy seattle, kind of jealous of the triple-digit heat! ...grass is always greener, right?! ;)

  26. I la-la-love the jumper!!

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