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What has been consuming my time.  I have a folder labeled "WEDDING" on my desktop where I save random things that I hope to inspire my wedding.  This is just a tiny sample.  It gets overwhelming.  SO MANY IDEAS I WANT TO DO!

The Hyper Prives in [flourescent] yellow patent are currently on sale.  Would it be premature to purchase them....before I set a wedding date?  URgh.

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  1. Love these images!!! Love the yellow.

  2. ring pillow so cute!

  3. Yellow is a definite keeper for wedding colors!! I think you should go for the patent shoes...even if you change your mind you can wear them with other stuff. They're just too good to pass up!

  4. Aww the yellow looks fantastic, and would be a great color to incorporate to your wedding. The giraffes are too cute.

  5. Man these photos are so cute! I love the first photo and the little giraffes the most. And DOODE DO IT, BUY THE SHOES.

  6. ooo, yellow is such a pretty and fresh color, especially for a summer wedding! (is that when you were planning to have it?) and i love the giraffes! too cute!

    i made my husband buy his tux before we even got engaged because it was too good of a deal to pass up. he cringed when he bought it but was extremely thankful when the wedding rolled around. it fit him like a glove AND it was 75% off (marked down by mistake!)

    besides, it's never too early to start practicing walking around in the shoes!

  7. Great photos. P.S. Thanks for the comment. I work for Gucci btw so I'm well-aware of the pre-sale.



  8. i say buy them now just to be safe! we haven't finalized our date yet so i've been saving wedding inspirations from every season in my favorites folder just in case! i went to a wedding recently where the colors were yellow n cream - so pretty! i feel somewhat obligated to incorporate red into my wedding since that is the wedding color of my heritage. but red is so not my color!

  9. not premature at all. even if you don't wear the shoes for a wedding, you can still wear them out at another time!!!! one of my really good friend actually bought a wedding dress at a designer sale for like 90% off..... before she got engaged ;)

  10. Oh i never realised yellow is so the CL pump and the RINGS!!!!

  11. I think yellow will be nice and fresh. Here is another website for inspiration if you haven't stumbled upon it yet:

  12. Aw how exciting! I love the yellow CL's lol.

  13. Love the yellow Christian Louboutin peep toe pump.

  14. the yellow theme is so good.
    go with it and get those CLs!!

  15. i bought my wedding shoes before I bought anything, even my dress! and I was the same way with my "wedding" folder on my computer. It was insane. I was kinda glad to delete it when my wedding was over.

    love the yellow!


  17. ohhh very nice. are you engaged???? =D


  18. my friend is planning a yellow/charcoal wedding for next year.. so classy and fresh.

    Here's a desk set for more inspiration. :)

  19. These are so cute...
    Phi, I would like to let you know that I passed a award to you on my blog, come by and check it out. It has a game to play too.

  20. Girl, GET THOSE SHOES!!! I see I'm not only one giving this particular piece of advice ;-). For some reason, wedding shoes seem to be the hardest thing to purchase for the whole event -- I must've bought and returned AT LEAST 3 pairs before deciding on the final pair. And just loving the whole idea of yellow -- so bright, so cheerful, so happy. Perfect for a wedding, I'd say!

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