Cartier Love Bracelet

Designed in the 1970's, this bracelet is part of the
Cartier Love Collection. It's fastened with a tiny screw and comes with a tiny screwdriver to open and close it.

In other words, your loved one gives you the bracelet, locks you in, and keeps the screwdriver.

Famous couples who have "locked" each other up -- Nancy & Frank Sinatra, Ali McGraw & Steve McQueen, Sophia Loren & Carlo Ponti, and the Duke & Duchess of Windsor, and Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor.

How cute ... in a barbaric, misogynistic way.

But really - I think it's a very simple, yet classic piece of jewelry. Very pretty! Plus, the symbolism is real nice.

Vendor: Cartier
Price: $2975 (for 18K gold; also available in white gold)

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